How do I affiliate with PA Elite FHC?

You go onto the U.S. website You then put your cursor over the membership tab and click join. When you join either as a U12 or U19 member, you need to make sure you affiliate with our club PA Elite FHC!

What if I am not a U19 age, do I still have a U19 membership?

Yes, you have a U19 membership if you are between the U14 through U19 age divisions.

How old do I need to be to join your club?

We take anyone from 5 years old and up.  Please note that if you are between the 5 to 7 range you will not participate in any tournaments just have practice that will involve game play!

What age groups travel to tournaments?

If you are a part of the U12 through U19 age range, you will have 4 tournaments. If you are U10, you will be taking part in 2 tournaments.

What does the U16/19 part of the club involve?

The U16/19 players will have three tournaments and a qualifier and practice once a week.  If you qualify, you will then travel to NIT’s which is an added cost.

What does the U14 part of the club involve?

You will have 4 tournaments and practice once a week!  We will apply for the lottery for U14, and if we are selected the U14 team or teams will travel to NIT’s too!

How do you keep us updated on schedules?

You will receive emails from us with your schedule for the winter, and it will also be on the calendar portion of our website!

What happens if you have to cancel practice?

You will receive an email or message from us, and it will also be posted to the website too!

How do I contact my coach if I have to miss a practice?

If you have to miss a practice and you know in advance you can tell your coach in person or email them. If something happens last minute we ask that you call your coach! Please do not text your coach!

When do tournament schedules come out?

Tournament schedules generally come out the Tuesday evening before the tournament that weekend.

Can I schedule a meeting with the College Consultant?

Yes, Karen Klassner will be happy to set a meeting up with you.  Her contact information is on her College Consultant page.

Where can I get the waivers for the tournament?

If you go to our downloads page, you can print off the waiver for the tournament!

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My 2 daughters play with PA Elite, U-19 and U-14. They both had exceptional experiences in indoor field hockey!! It was fun for them, great camaraderie  and at the same time their skills developed immensely. The coaches really take their time to help develop the players. Can't wait for next season!!!
Lynn L., Parent